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Dr. Mark W. Berry Inducted Into Cambridge Who’s Who
Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry
Press Release
For Immediate Release:

Beverly Hills, CA, May 20, 2012, Dr. Mark W. Berry, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Los Angeles Center For Integrated Medicine, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, outstanding leadership and excellence in all aspects of Medical Research, Clinical Operation and Treatment Protocol, Internet Marketing, and Business Coaching.

With more than 35 years of professional experience, Dr. Berry specializes in non-invasive modalities of treatment for all manner of Internal Medicine, illness, disease, pain and nutrition, as well as addictions and behavioral modification. He is responsible for managing operations, monitoring medical services, supervising staff, interfacing between departments, overseeing finances, and interaction with affiliates. Dr. Berry is the author of 128 peer-reviewed journal articles and 67 books, the two most recent of which are "The American Holocaust", and “Notraderm: A Story of Victory for Healthcare.” Dr. Berry is also the owner of other companies including Notraderm Medical Laboratories Inc.(1980), The Pain Alleviation Institute of Neuroscience Inc.(1981), DeltaMed Inc. (1984), HealthFreqs Inc.(1992), The Institute for Research of Infectious Diseases (1995), and The Institute of Advanced Metaphysics Inc.(1978), all of which focus on the restoration of health and prevention of disease through non-invasive applications and integrative medicine protocols. He has also built an Internet Marketing Empire in excess of $88 million and mentors others in building successful online businesses through his consulting firm, “Symposium 10-6" and its "Business Solutions Seminars”. He is a 5-Star Member of the Stiforp Business Management Platform.

Dr. Berry holds Credentials of Ordination from Seminary College and doctoral degrees in various fields of Medicine, Psychology, Strategic Business & Marketing concepts, and religious studies from multiple prestigious institutions including, among others, Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association, The Harvard Institute of Energetic Medicine, The Beijing University of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Henan University, Oxford, and Stanford University. His fields of expertise include Molecular Surgery, Chiropractic Medicine, Medical Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Neuroscience and Psycho-physiology, Medical Qigong, Naturopathy, Psychology/Pastoral Counseling, Ancient Esoteric Studies, Biofeedback/Brainwave Entrainment, Oncology, Alternative Medicine, Leadership & Team building, Project Management, and he is currently pursuing his degree and ordination from Rabbinical School to receive his "Semicha". Dr. Berry is conversationally competent in 27 different languages.

This diverse range of lifelong studies in so many different fields, he intuitively looked for answers to medical mysteries in areas beyond the rigid scientific structure of traditional medical thought. He has mastered so many different disciplines that he literally has, at his intellectual disposal, the skills and knowledge of an entire team of scientists and technicians from a number of different scientific fields. So, whenever new technology is needed to perform a new task, Dr. Berry simply invents, and then designs it himself employing the technical skills of experts when necessary. This is truly the definition of “Integrated Medicine” at its core.

Dr. Berry has developed new methods for treating disease, designed new protocols for palliative alleviation of pain, and is an expert in more fields than the average man has time to dabble in. He is an able bacteriologist, embryologist, scientific engineer, metallurgist, chemist, photo-micrographer, an expert martial artist holding the equivalent rank of Black Sash in five different disciplines (Hwarangdo, Moo-Duk-Kwan Taekwando, Hapkido, Hung Fa Yi Wing-Tsun, Aikido), and has competed in World-Class competitions in Tai Qi Quan having studied under his Master the late, great Cheng ManQing. He plays the Chinese Zither, the Saxophone and Violin. As recreation he takes to flying both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, playing chess, and performing the Magical Arts as well as taking guests to The Magical Castle in Hollywood, CA. His chief enthusiasm, however, is the inquiry into the causes, agencies and forms of diseases, and it is this enthusiasm that has caused him to develop the various non-invasive modalities of treatment and clinical protocols, and to refine them to efficiency beyond all precedent. As a small example of his eclectic diversity, Dr. Berry enjoys building and riding custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles and is the owner of "Doc's Old School Choppers" in the San Fernando Valley in California.

Dr. Berry considers being able to make a difference in the lives of people by restoring health to those who suffer from diseases thought by many to be “incurable” his greatest professional accomplishment. He feels that an increase in the use of the treatment protocols he has developed the most important issue facing the profession of medicine and healthcare today. He hopes to continue to utilize his treatment protocols in helping people worldwide, improve the infrastructure of his companies, and open new clinics worldwide in the future.

One of Dr. Berry's favorite allegories is that of the Ancient Emperor in China who disguised himself as a poor beggar and went out into his kingdom to really get to know the people and to learn their true character regarding their opinion of "The Emperor". Obviously, if they knew who he was they would put on a false persona and hide any true feelings they had toward him.

Although to some, especially those who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), which is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, and a condition that affects one-percent of the population, first formulated in 1968, and historically called megalomania, i.e., severe egocentrism, this behavior may seem disingenuous. However, Dr. Berry has, on many occasions, employed this technique to successfully help others by establishing a relationship whereby they expose their true character defects rather than hide them, this provides a portal whereby they man then be addressed successfully...most of the time. It is not a foolproof technique, but it is one he often employs by masking his true personal life and interacting with others in a subservient socio-economic facade, thus allowing them to believe and act out in a dominant position.

An authority in multiple fields of medicine and Business Coaching, Dr. Berry lives with the love of his life, Cathy, and their daughter Jacqueline in San Marino, CA. He is available to speak with the media and as a guest lecturer, and may be reached via email at harvardmed@alumni.com.

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